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full name Alan Wyatt Murphy, M.D. from Missoula, Montana lives in Greenwich Village personality ESFP-A / Helper-Achiever
Alan Murphy was born to Owen and Abigail Murphy in the late spring of 1964, two years after the birth of his brother Jeffrey. Raised on a cattle ranch outside of Missoula, Montana, the boys were taught at a very young age to work hard and love the wild around them. Inseparable though they were, it was not destined to last.

Tragedy struck when the boys were six and eight years old. While on a camping trip the eldest wandered away from the family to go swimming on his own, something he had done many times before with no consequence. But this time was different, and no one would ever know why. Jeffrey wasn't seen again for two days until his body was found. The accidental drowning weighed heavily on the family that tried to pull themselves together and move on.

It was not easy, and though Alan would always feel a coolness in his parents that had not existed before, they did as well as they could to push forward and do what was best for their remaining son. Alan, who could scarcely remember what life was like with a sibling, grew slowly but determinedly into a young man. The distressing past of their family kept him firmly in line where it was important, when his parents peace of mind was concerned. And soon, as he matured, he began to think about his future. Like his father and his father's father, he was told he was destined toward the field of medicine. It ran in the family and he was family, after all.

But young Alan had other plans, and those plans came in the form of finding his own path. One that happened to lead to Dana Morgan and the naive idealism of starting a family early and letting life take them places, man. Though never married, as they believed their love did not need a piece of paper to validate it, the couple had one son together. It was shortly thereafter that the staggering reality hit them: life didn't often drop good things into the laps of those who did not try. And so the small family moved to New York City so Alan could begin working to pay for the schooling that would take him along the path he'd been avoiding; he would become a doctor.

Not content with the idea of becoming a family doctor just like his father, Alan took a different approach to medicine: psychiatry. The road was a long and difficult one, but despite this their family continued to grow - not in size but together. Though try as he might, eventually it became too difficult to keep it all balanced. Life and time took its toll on the relationship and what was once passion slowly shifted into nothing more than a deep friendship. When their son was sixteen years old they parted ways and continued to raise him together.

In the decades since, Alan's life has changed considerably. Between a smattering of serious and not-so-serious relationships, his work has also changed. What started as work strictly in hospitals shifted into group practice, and then eventually a private practice of his very own. Currently he balances his life between the hospital and his practice, and remains close to not only his son, but his grandchildren as well.

  • • always wears his father's bulky gold wedding ring on his right ring finger.

  • • has six tattoos: 1) coordinates between his hip bones where a belt would rest 2) "absurdites de l’existence" on his left forearm 3) drawn lines on his back 4) "there exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong. I will meet you there" on the inside of his right bicep 5) Lyrics from When The Deal Goes Down by Bob Dylan on his left side 6) a tornado below the lyrics extending down his side (both done in 2017)

  • • has a crescent shaped scar under his left eye from being hit in the face with a baseball as a teenager and needing 18 stitches. it has mostly faded into the lines of his face but is still visible when looking closely.

  • • has a casual style and frequently wears jeans, chinos, khakis, t-shirts, button ups, and sweaters. will always pick comfort over looks but prefers having both. suits are only worn on special occasions.

  • • wears mostly neutral tones and occasionally goes for blue.

  • currently keeps his hair just shy of shoulder-length, most often it's kept down but he sometimes pulls it back. cut his hair short in july 2016 after having it long for years.

  • • works out regularly and runs most mornings.

  • • has blue eyes with central heterochromia in his right eye (brown ring around pupil) and sectoral heterochromia in the left (large brown splotch at the bottom of iris)

  • • is no stranger to accessories. has various rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets he wears. all of them are very simple and he never wears more than one or two at once. aside from his watch, because he will never get used to checking his phone for the time.
  • • speaks spanish and american sign language. he learned spanish in school and asl when his friends had a daughter born deaf and he learned it along with them.

  • • born and raised in missoula, montana on a cattle ranch. when his father passed away in 2003 his mother moved in with her sister and alan sold the ranch to a family friend.

  • • was in a relationship with dana morgan (mother to their son anthony) for 17 years from the age of 18 to 35. the pair moved from missoula to new york together when anthony was a newborn, they never married, and keep in close contact to this day.

  • • his older brother drowned when alan was 6 years old. he barely remembers any of it.

  • • enjoys trying new foods. will try just about anything no matter how unappetizing (balut, anyone?) at least once, but if cauliflower is on the menu he is out.

  • • loves experiencing things through other peoples perspectives, even if it's something he himself does not enjoy.

  • Specialization Severe adult mental illness, disorders, and trauma

    Education (1984-1988) Bachelor of Science in Psychology - New York University
    (1988-1992) Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) - Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
    (1992-1996) Residency at NYU Langone - New York University School of Medicine
    (1996-1997) Psychiatric Fellowship - Columbia University Medical Center

    Brief Work History Upon completing his education, Alan worked in and out of various hospitals (psychiatric and otherwise) until joining a group practice. From there he moved into his own private practice and has been doing it ever since while still working at the hospital twice a week. In early 2016 he began dedicating one day a week of pro bono work to the Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless, an organization he has worked on and off with for almost two decades.

    Current Work (2007-present) Manhattan Office - Private Practice every Monday & Thursday
    (2005-present) NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue - Psychiatric ER every Tuesday & Wednesday
    (1999-present) Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless (PPOH) - Pro bono every Friday
    (2006-present) Various speaking engagements with students (highschool/college) about psychiatry

    Private Practice in Manhattan
    4 bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village, shared with Irina



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